Why Hire A Specialist Forensic Biohazard Cleaner?

1. You Don’t Want to Handle It On Your Own

NTCSC Handle It On Your Own

Whether you’re dealing with a crime scene or the scene of a violent accident or incident, the fact remains: you don’t want to handle it on your own. The psychological and mental strain of cleaning up scenes of violent crimes and accidents can take a toll on even the toughest individuals.

With a team of specialist forensic cleaners handling your scene, you can save yourself from undergoing a traumatising experience you may never forget.

 2. Guarantee Of Cleanliness

NTCSC Guarantee Of Cleanliness

Unlike regular cleaning teams, specialist forensic biohazard cleaners have the designated protocols for every situation imaginable. While a regular cleaning team might just scrub and wash off the obvious biohazard elements, a forensic cleaner can identify all the parts of the room and the surrounding areas that need to be thoroughly washed and cleaned.

With no hesitation and no explanation required, a forensic cleaner can begin working on a crime or violent trauma scene and help bring it back to normal in just a few hours.


3. Specialised Experience, Equipment, And Expertise

NTCSC Specialised Equipment And Expertise

When you hire a forensic cleaner, you are hiring more than just their training: you are hiring access to their specialised next-level cleaning supplies. For example, forensic cleaners have an indicator that can help them identify any trace of bodily fluid in an environment. This helps them clean and disinfect all parts of the room that have been contaminated.

They also have chemicals such as enzyme cleaners, which can soften biohazard tissue that has hardened over time, giving them the ability to safely remove any material with a scraper. Forensic cleaners also understand the importance of dismantling furniture, ripping up carpeting if required, and taking the extra steps to thoroughly clean a room or environment.

4. It’s A Huge Safety Issue

NTCSC Safety Issue

The scene of a violent accident or crime can be a huge safety issue for the people in the general area. The organic debris left behind by a crime or accident may possibly have blood-borne pathogens that can spread dangerous diseases to those who come in contact with it. Even weeks after the accident has occurred, contact with a blood-borne pathogen that hasn’t been cleaned correctly can lead to disease transmission.

There is also the issue of death scenes spreading far beyond the reach of the body. In some cases, for example, there may be several layers of the floor, wall, or general home that are contaminated and need to be cleaned, including the floorboards, carpeting, subfloor, and more. If a body is decomposing in one room, there are cases where the blood can continue dripping all the way to the basement.

All of these possibilities must be considered, identified, and thoroughly disinfected upon discovery. Not only do they have the proper tools to disinfect these issues, but they also have the tools that can help remove the pungent odour that can last for weeks or months.


5. They Know What You’re Going Through

NTCSC They Know What You're Going Through

Finally, forensic cleaners simply understand the situation more intimately than any normal team of cleaners could ever do. While it may be the first violent or accident scene for you and your family, a forensic cleaner will have seen and experienced this countless times before.

They understand that you need both space and comfort, and they can offer you psychological support during this tough time. While a team of normal cleaners might need guidance and even perhaps direct assistance, a forensic cleaner team will make sure that you have the peace and quiet to rest while they handle all the work and return your home to the way it once was.

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