A little bit about us

National Trauma and Crime Scene Cleaning are a 100% Australian owned and operated company with more than 30 years of experience in the forensic cleaning industry. We have built a solid reputation within the industry and the community, based on honesty, integrity and competitive pricing. We pride ourselves on being Australia’s No.1 trauma and crime scene cleaning company.

National Trauma and Crime Scene Cleaning provide specialist cleaning services including Crime Scene Cleaning, Trauma Cleaning, Biohazard Cleaning, Infectious, Blood Cleaning, Bodily Fluids Cleanup, Sharps Removal, Clandestine Lab Remediation and Hoarding House Cleanup.

Specialist Biohazard Remediation

Unlike general cleaning companies that may use household cleaning products to perform a cosmetic clean, National Trauma and Crime Scene Cleaning, use advanced sanitation equipment and effective, hospital-grade disinfectant solutions, which allow us to leave a location with complete confidence that all biohazards have been removed.

Each of our staff members has completed comprehensive training to deal with biohazards safely and efficiently.

Specialist Biohazard Remediation
Forensic Trauma and Crime Scene Cleaning

Compassion and Professionalism

National Trauma and Crime Scene Cleaning often attend during difficult or emotional circumstances. When tragedy strikes and everyone has left the scene, you are left to deal with the terrible aftermath. Our staff have the utmost compassion, care and professionalism and are there to support you to avoid any further distress and anguish.

No-one should have to deal with this situation by themselves. Allow us to offer our skills and expertise to undertake Forensic Trauma and Crime Scene Cleaning.

Available 24/7

National Trauma and Crime Scene Cleaning are on call to respond to your needs day and night, every day of the year and will arrive at your home or business ready to work. We will evaluate the situation and provide an estimate and individualised plan to restore your home or business promptly.

Available 24/7

Our Core Values

To set us apart from the competition and allow us to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction we have built our company around the following values