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We strive to be Australia’s number one Forensic Cleaning and Biohazard Remediation Company. We will do this through exceptional customer service and satisfaction in each job we undertake.


Our People – Our Strength

With over 30 years of biohazard remediation experience cleaning everything from houses to factories, you can trust us with your health and safety. Our people make us who we are, it’s their dedication, compassion and professionalism that sets National Trauma & Crime Scene Cleaning apart.


Jerry Cook (Managing Director)

Jerry has extensive knowledge and experience in Business Management, Customer Service, Human Resources, Human Relations and Commercial Cleaning.

For the last 30+ years Jerry has excelled in the world of Small Business and has had multiple successful businesses registered under his name. Moving forward from Cairns Executive Cleaning he founded National Trauma and Crime Scene Cleaning Pty Ltd in January 2007.

Many of Jerry’s clients throughout those early years knew him as the man who ‘would’ and ‘could’ clean anything. There was an increased need and growing demand for a service that was able to respond to such unique, unfortunate services. Therefore, Jerry decided to create National Trauma & Crime Scene Cleaning.

With his extensive knowledge, expertise and experience in this industry Jerry now runs a successful, professional biohazardous remediation company offering a wide array of services including Biohazardous, Trauma, Methamphetamine contaminated properties, Forensic and Crime scene cleaning.

During his time as Managing Director, Jerry has successfully completed multiple forms of Education and Training and has a great wealth of knowledge that he can offer his staff and clients. His company continues to grow as he develops and updates processes to enable him to offer more and more specialised services across Australia.

With great success, NTCSC has been operating as an Australian owned business with significant growth over the last 10 years and is now the proud employer of up to 50 employees each who have been selectively chosen to provide the qualities and values he wishes to offer. All employees have undergone extensive hands-on training to ensure that each and every client is provided with professional, caring, compassionate workmanship.

Jerry Cook
Jerry Cook
Managing Director

Patricia Comerford (Operations Manager)

Pat has been the Operations Manager of National Trauma and Crime Scene Cleaning since January 2016.

Pat has an established background in management across the world including the UK and New Zealand within various sectors. This extensive experience provides a world of knowledge in Business Management, Human Resources, Occupational Health and Safety, Client Relations, Marketing and Information and Technology. Pat is continually updating her qualifications and skills to stay relevant and up to date with National and International guidelines.

Behind every great leader is a great team and Pat gives 100% to ensure that each and every staff member employed by National Trauma and Crime Scene Cleaning are supported, treated fairly, respected and provided with all the knowledge they need to undergo their employment expectations.

Pat works effortlessly every day to ensure that our clients receive superior service and that all aspects of National Trauma and Crime Scene Cleaning are running efficiently and that our clients are receiving the highest level of service and customer satisfaction.

Pat is known for her willingness to go above and beyond. She is there for all our clients Nationwide to assist them in every way possible. NTCSC’s empathy and compassion starts from the top and Pat invests her energy to ensure this standard radiates through the entire company to support our core values.

Patricia Comerford
Patricia Comerford
Operations Manager


Nikki Bingham
Nikki Bingham
Administrations Assistant
Lucy Comerford
Lucy Comerford
Administrations Assistant

Nikki Bingham (Administrations Assistant)

Nikki joined National Trauma and Crime Scene Cleaning in January 2018 and has become a well-known voice at the end of our 24/7 phone line.

Nikki has a Retail Customer Service background as well as experience in accounting and secretarial roles from a wide range of businesses. With over 25 years of experience working directly with customers and clients, Nikki brings a world of knowledge, enthusiasm and exceptional people communication skills to our team.

Nikki is very much a people person and is regarded very highly for her warm, friendly and empathetic approach and offers nothing but professionalism. Nikki continuously receives positive feedback from our client’s, staff and contractors.

Nikki is currently our NDIS (National Disability and Support Services) specialist and assists hundreds of clients every year with the most sensitive, difficult or heartbreaking situations. Nikki ensures that our company, as an NDIS registered provider, meets all participants requirements and works closely with Support Coordinators and Plan Managers.

Lucy Comerford (Administrations Assistant)

Lucy joined National Trauma and Crime Scene Cleaning in December 2018.

Lucy has worked across retail, hospitality and the education sector. She is an extremely hard worker and currently possess a Bachelor of Education and Training and all the amazing traits associated with that qualification.

She is known for her calm, warm and friendly manner with clients and has quickly become a valuable well-informed asset of NTCSC.

Lucy brings exceptional people and communication skills to the team and provides ongoing support and training in our Information and Technology systems. Lucy strives to update her skills and knowledge to offer ongoing assistance for employees in each of our teams and ensures systems and process run smoothly.

Her strategic thinking, initiative and drive assists the team to create efficient streamline operations and her IT literacy allows the company to use the correct tools which are essential to the smooth running of the business. Lucy provides powerful insights with valuable input and organisational skills.