Mould Removal and Remediation Services

Mould Removal Services

Moulds are a large number of fungal species that reproduce by releasing tiny spores that float along in the air. When mould spores land on a damp surface, they begin growing by digesting the surface they land on gradually destroying it. People are often familiar with the black moulds often found in bathroom areas.

Whilst mould spores are always present in most environments, they are usually at acceptable levels. A change in humidity or water content can cause rapid mould growth. Apart from making an area look dirty and giving off a strong, musty earthy odour, mould growth creates a serious health risk to the occupants of the building.

Dangers of moulds

Most moulds are not toxic or poisonous themselves, but certain moulds are toxigenic, meaning they produce toxins. These toxigenic moulds attack your immune system leaving your body vulnerable to diseases related to the central nervous system.
More commonly, moulds are associated with a number of health issues due to the dangerous spores they release into the air as part of their reproductive process. These include allergies, asthma and irritation of eyes, nose, sinus and throat and other respiratory problems.

Mould can also cause damage to property and possessions by permanently discolouring the surface it is living on.

Specialist Treatment Required

Mould removal requires trained personnel and specialised equipment to be used in order to effectively remediate mould contamination. Often when people have attempted to tackle the problem on their own, they have made matters worse. Disturbing mould colonies can send millions of spores into the air to contaminate a larger area and reduce air quality. Also treating the visible mould colonies with bleach or fungicides does not remove the spores that may be on other surfaces or in the air. It is always recommended to seek professional help in dealing with mould contamination.

Doing nothing is not an option. Remember, mould will not go away on its own; it is a living organism and will only grow and spread if left untreated.

Mould Removal & Remediation Services

Our trained professionals follow a strict mould removal process to eliminate the spread of mould to other rooms, preserving the integrity of your property and protecting the health of your loved ones or staff. We conduct a full assessment to identify the source and extend of the mould contamination. The contaminated area is vacuumed using what are known as HEPA filters, which are designed to capture 99.97% of all airborne and microscopic mould spores. The contaminated area is then cleaned with hospital-grade antimicrobial cleaning agents to kill mould growth.

Why take mould removal into your own hands, when our professionals can resolve this for you in a highly efficient, safe and cost-effective manner?

Call us anytime 24/7 and our emergency response mould removal team will be on your doorstep in no time at all.


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