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Specialist cleaning for the most challenging conditions

National Trauma & Crime Scene Cleaning (NTCSC) are Australia’s leading forensic, crime scene and trauma cleaning specialists. We offer a diverse range of cleaning services to cater for all cleaning needs.

Regardless of the nature and size of the job our highly experienced forensic cleaning specialists are highly trained and skilled in professionally cleaning and decontaminating all hazardous or infectious areas.

We understand the severity of specific cleaning jobs and are here to help you through the process. What makes us a popular choice for all crime scene, forensic and trauma cleaning jobs is the fact that not only are we specialists and are highly skilled in conducting these kinds of jobs, we are also compassionate, caring and discrete. We aim to make the entire process stress free and uncomplicated.

National Trauma & Crime Scene Cleaning is 100% Australian owned and operated and service all locations throughout Australia. We have one of the biggest forensic cleaning workforces in Australia and are ready to go 24/7 for all jobs no mater the severity or job size.

With more than 30 years of experience in the forensic, crime scene and trauma cleaning cleaning industry, we have proven to be a trusted and peace of mind choice. We are also proud to provide a confidential, caring and thorough service. All of our services are available to individuals and corporations and we endeavour to help a diverse range of families, business owners and individuals Australia wide with their forensic, trauma and crime scene cleaning requirements.

National Trauma & Crime Scene Cleaning are always on call to provide a prompt, compassionate and professional cleaning service any time day or night 24/7.

Compassionate, Discrete And Caring

We are understanding and considerate of the often-distressful circumstances that our clients are going through as well as the need for privacy and discretion. Our teams are ready to assist around the clock when you need us most.

Call us anytime 24/7 and our emergency response team will be on your doorstep in no time at all.

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COVID Cleaning Update

National Trauma & Crime Scene Cleaning’s technicians are considered Essential Service Providers and can continue to work through COVID-19 lockdowns and statewide emergencies.

In the event of an emergency, disaster, or trauma situation, National Trauma & Crime Scene Cleaning responds to offer vital services and functions which are necessary to maintain the health and welfare of the municipality. Our services provide the public with sanitisation and are essential to the functionality of society as we remediate and dispose of biohazardous material.

All of our employees serve a vital role, as our technicians assist with jobs that can/may endanger the life, health, or personal safety of the whole or part of the population.

If you require assistance, we are available day and night on our 24/7 Emergency Response Line.

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Forensic, Trauma & Crime Scene Cleaning Services

National Trauma & Crime Scene Cleaning provides a 24/7 cleaning service specialising in forensic, trauma and crime scene cleaning. We also offer an extensive range of other specialised cleaning services.

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24/7 Crime Scene, Trauma & Forensic Cleaning Service

National Trauma & Crime Scene Cleaning is the leading crime scene, trauma and forensic cleaning specialist in Australia and has many years of experience dealing with these cleaning services across Australia. Whatever the trauma (suicide, crime scene, blood spills, accidents, car crashes or more), our teams of highly trained technicians have the skills and the knowledge to return your affected area to a clean and habitable environment. Our business is to make your life a little more comfortable in times of undue stress and turmoil.

Our Crime Scene, Trauma & Forensic Cleaning Service includes:

Kind Words From Our Customers

I engaged the services of NTCSC and am very grateful to the team - Nikki, Jerry, CJ, Lucy and James - for their understanding and kindness during a difficult time. Nikki in the office was an excellent point of contact, answering my questions and keeping me up to date. The staff at the property were efficient and thorough and completed the job to a very high standard. NTCSC provide a professional, caring and high-quality service. I highly recommend them.
Bianca, QLD
Thank you Brendan for your professional and caring manor, you took your time to explain every process. This was important to us being the first time to have this type of work carried out during an already stressful time. Allison and Lauren did an amazing job thank you to all at National Trauma & Crime scene cleaning.
John, QLD
Thank you to all. Brendan and his team did a fantastic job and we were kept informed through every step of the process. Thanks also to Emily in the office who we had the initial contact with and organised the job. The job was done professionally and highly recommend them.
Duncan, ACT
I take this opportunitity to write to thank and compliment the professional, caring, respectful and efficient service your technicians Ben and Andy provided when in attendance at the above address Friday 17th June.   Not knowing what to expect they immediately put me at ease and explained any/all queries I had and did everything to help me with this distressing family situation. On behalf of my nephew G.S, my daughter L.G and myself I thank you and your team very much for making a difficult time manageable. Also, Lisa is so professional and knowledgeable, my daughter immediately had full confidence in your Company because of dealing with her. It was proved correct on the overall outcome on the day. Thanking you once again, I appreciated the care, consideration and respect shown me and my family on the day. Yours sincerely, J.Y
Joan Y, Labrador, QLD
Dear NTCSC Team - Jerry, Brendan, Luke, Bradley and Jade, I am writing to you to express my thanks to each of you for the role you have each played in assisting me in the most efficient , courteous timely and attentive manner in attending to my cleaning request From the initial contact late on a Thursday evening - with the scheduling of a forensic cleaning job by 8.00am the next morning, the fantastic job that was completed and the ongoing communication between myself and Brendon and Gerry in what was for me a really difficult situation was de escalated to a manageable situation. This lessened dramatically the stress and anxiety that I was already experiencing. Your understanding on the phone and very prompt follow-up late Thursday evening allowed the job to be scheduled so quickly that I immediately felt back in control again - and then Luke and Bradley did exactly as requested and the unit was was spotless . Your inhouse communication and follow-up is to be commended and I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending your services to anyone who finds themselves in a predicament that requires a caring highly professional , sensitive and attentive cleaning services company Thank you once again
Grateful Client, Kewarra Beach
Lucy and Daniel from National Trauma and Crime Scene Cleaning did a fantastic job at cleaning my NDIS participant's apartment within the time frame that they had set out. Impeccable outcome and friendly service. I highly recommend these two as they are reliable, experienced and simply great at what they do! Thanks guys.
Christian, QLD
Great! National Crime and Forensic Cleaners helped me after a family member passed away and the body was not found for some time. From the very start they were most helpful, explaining everything every step of the way. It was expensive, but I had every confidence that the job would be done properly, without ongoing headaches down the track, and that the property would be safe for the next occupants. Niki and her team always got back to me promptly whenever I had questions, were lovely to deal with, and kept detailed reports so I always knew what had been done. Would highly recommend them for the quality of their work and customer service. Thanks guys, Katrina.
Katrina, QLD
I became the custodian of a hoarded house that was deemed a biohazard for multiple reasons and was tasked with resolving the issues and preparing the house for sale. The entirety of what needed to be done was daunting. From the moment I engaged NTCSC , their responsiveness, professionalism, and detailed assessment gave me back a sense of calm and control over getting the job done. CJ, Daniel, and the team were professional, understanding, and showed a level of care that was incredibly comforting. They kept me informed during the entire process. What they achieved in the time they achieved it was incredible. No job was too tough. Not only that but they helped me to identify and uncover the treasured valuables that should be kept in the process. I cannot recommend NTCSC enough. Cheers, Tiffany.
Tiffany, QLD
Hi Nikki, I just wanted to let you know how much your amazing team - Ben, Tom, Connie, Lachlan and of cause Ursula have given us back our home. We had tried to do this ourselves several times without success. When we decided to do this, I was embarrassed, anxious, and felt like a disgusting failure. I was ready to throw up and die the first morning before they arrived. Ben and his team were so kind, understanding, and non-judgmental. By the end of day 1 I was seeing such an improvement and finally my nerves were calming. I can finally have visitors for the first time in 6 years! Your team have given us our dignity back and my asthma is so much better already. Arranging the plumber, electrician, pest control and carpet cleaner was something I did not expect - no more bucket washes, the shower is SO GOOD! The girls have said they would love to have a BBQ here with your team as they are so grateful too. Max and Rocky are loving the new home too - they have a new bounce to their step and Rocky is so much calmer.
Anonymous, QLD
Our father recently passed away in his home, and after a few false starts, we came across NTCSC, and never looked back. My first point of contact was with Pat and immediately I knew, our family and what laid ahead of us, was in good hands. Pat quickly put my mind at ease, as she explained the entire process and what was involved. Pat's professionalism, encompassed with so much compassion, understanding and caring were truly appreciated and cherished! To our cleaning technicians Sandra and Ben, we cannot thank you enough, for the never-ending support and comfort you provided to us in our time of need. Your, caring and thoughtfulness throughout this entire process, was appreciated and not enough words could express our gratitude! Long after my brother and I had left our fathers residence, the continued support of both Pat and Sandra was unwavering. To the point that, Sandra had come across some items of value that we had missed, and Sandra went above and beyond the call of duty and made sure that these items were returned back to us safely. As humans, we cannot begin to imagine the unspeakable, and tragic events that these technicians face on a daily basis, and to release and take away this burden from ourselves is overwhelmingly appreciated! My heart and thoughts are with you all because without you, our lives would never be the same. To Pat, Sandra and Ben, you were our "angels" and will never be forgotten! You have forever enriched and changed our lives! With much love from Mel, Darrin and Family
Melissa R, QLD
Many thanks for your assistance and understanding from the time of my first contact with NTCSC. I wish to record to my thanks to Andrew and Lisa for their two days of tireless endeavours. They remained courteous, patient and always understanding. They never lost their sense of humour which in the circumstances would be too easy to do. They were totally professional. Thanks to all for making an unhealthy situation liveable again.
Michael D, ACT
I tried others, but found NTCSC (National Trauma &  Crime Scene Cleaning Pty Ltd) the most reliable, sensitive & understanding; they did what they said they’d do & more. They responded, quoted &, on acceptance of the quote, commenced work promptly. Their quote was comprehensive & easy to understand. More importantly, they were accessible by phone on & off the job, trustworthy &, where needed, maintained confidentiality & privacy.  The end report with before & after picture provided was a bonus & asset to have.
Leslie O, Ryde, NSW
I just wanted to say thank you Pat and Andrew. Though probably very small and insignificant comparatively, you and Andrew approached my issue with compassion and made it a priority where so many others didnt want to know. Thanks again for taking the time to care.
Ellen M, NSW
I’ve just happily signed off on a job, very well done. Ben & Jasmine were given the huge task of an internal clean of a 2 bedroom house that was in a “feral state” (to be polite). They asked up front what was to be done & then started in an orderly, professional manner. It was a 2 and a half day job. They were there on time each day. They gave timely updates on their progress, along with explanations of why & how they were doing things a certain way. Other cleaning jobs that were asked of them were done with alacrity & a “can do” attitude. When I was confronted with the dilemma of how to clean 6 big bags of the client’s grungy clothing they had the solution i.e they would arrange for them to be laundered. I would definitely recommend them to any potential clients.
Lindsay M, QLD
When my mother passed away last year her house was in such a state that it was easier for me to close the door and not think about it; the sheer amount of stuff was insurmountable while the neglect was inconceivable. That is why I am so grateful that I had the good fortune to come across the team at NTCSC; From the very first consultation they walked me through a plan based on achievable goals, whereby every hurdle was tackled until it was eventually dealt with, always in an understanding and compassionate manner. Their experience and care really made all the difference.
Gabrielle D, VIC
Ben and Laura attended my house on the 4th and 5th. I understand that Ben arrived for Qld and Laura from Canberra. Wow. Rarely have I met two more considerate, empathetic, personable and professional people as Ben and Laura. On Thursday Ben sent me some interim photos of what they had been able to accomplish on Thursday. I sent Ben a text - again Wow. I arrived the following morning to see Ben and Laura finishing the job. I was absolutely astonished to see what had been achieved in so short a space of time. What difference a day makes. As you will appreciate this has been very difficult for me. I am enormously grateful for the remarkable kindness, skill and professionalism of Ben and Laura but also to you and CJ. Thank you so very, very much. Obviously, I would have no hesitation in recommending National Trauma. Absolutely brilliant. With my very, very best wishes.
Michael W, VIC
I’m just writing to say a big thank you to  you all - the technicians and office staff. I truly appreciated the sensitivity shown but also the kindness and loveliness of you all. The team did a wonderful job on my apartment and I couldn’t be happier with it.  What they started with and how they finished it is a feat I cannot comprehend and I am truly grateful.  I was kept me up to date throughout the process to ensure there were no issues. Thank you again and again. Caroline
Caroline , VIC
The team at National Trauma and Crime Scene Clean dealt with my apartment in a very efficient and effective manner. The team had to do a full strip of the apartment and clean within a strict time limit, due to lock down of COVID, the apartment block being full of personnel at this time. The removal and disposing of the materials, was another important factor to consider and the team worked extremely hard to meet these requirements and deadlines and I personally can’t thank them enough. The communication and professionalism was of a high standard, especially with what the team have to deal with and the health risks involved to them with Methamphetamine. Thank you to the entire team for all your hard work and efforts and for making this process rum smoothly and I can't recommend the team highly enough. Thank you again Nikki
Nikki S, QLD
I work for a community service agency in the ACT as a NDIS Support Coordinator.  I engaged with the National Trauma and Crime Scene Cleaning team for one of my Participants. After processing the referral, the team arranged an assessor to travel to the ACT within a week for an inspection of the property. The team at National Trauma and Crime Scene Cleaning and myself worked for the participants best interest and arranged the services with the participant’s involvement and guidance to deliver the support. The service began within 3 weeks and the whole technician team were confident, reliable, delicate, professional, respectful and worked in a timely manner. The result of the work carried out was outstanding. 100% would recommend this professional team to anyone requiring assistance.
Rachel M, ACT
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