Faeces, Urine & Vomit Cleanup

Police & Prison Cell Cleanup

Faeces, urine & vomit clean-up are all different types of bio-hazardous incidents that pose a high risk of infection from exposure.

These biological wastes have a foul odour and the bacteria within them can harbour various infectious diseases that need to be cleaned up in a safe and controlled manner to prevent infection. Walls, ceilings and other fixtures and fittings are often affected, and it is often not just contained within the confines of the affected area.

Faeces, Urine & Vomit clean-up Service

Our experience within this area means that we can provide a rapid response to these hazardous incidents, guaranteeing that the affected areas are safely decontaminated, sanitized and deodorized. Our experienced technicians will ensuring that all harmful biohazards are removed and disposed of correctly to ensure the safety of family, staff, carers and friends

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