National Trauma & Crime Scene Cleaners What is Forensic Cleaning? The Process Explained

What is Forensic Cleaning? The Process Explained

Despite what TV shows and movies portray, forensic cleaning doesn’t just follow a police crime scene investigation. After a traumatic event has occurred, someone needs to clean up what was left behind, and this team needs to be properly equipped and mentally prepared. Life must go on after every traumatic experience, and forensic cleaners are the second responders, here to help set your life back on track.

When You Need Forensic Cleaners 

National Trauma & Crime Scene Cleaners When You Need Forensic Cleaners

Forensic cleaning is necessary when biohazardous material left behind at a trauma or crime scene needs to be removed and cleaned up, returning the area to its normal condition. Typical cleaners lack the required training, equipment, and understanding to clean these kinds of situations as thoroughly as forensic cleaners.

A forensic cleaning company might be called to clean up after:

  • Suicides
  • Hoarding situations
  • Homicides
  • Disease contamination incidents
  • Other deaths and traumas

Attempting to clean a trauma or crime scene yourself can be difficult and even dangerous at times. Being exposed to PIMs (or potentially infectious materials), can lead to disease or serious illness if the exposed blood has bloodborne pathogens, such as HIV, Hepatitis B and C, and more.

Forensic Cleaning Situations

  • Suicides and Accidents: When suicides and other physical accidents are involved, there is plenty of biological material that needs to be handled cautiously. A forensic cleaning company has the experience and understanding to thoroughly clean this material up that a regular cleaning company might not possess.
  • Tear Gas: Police occasionally use tear gas at crime scenes, and cleaning up the tear gas afterwards can be incredibly difficult. The affected area will be unsafe until forensic cleaners have properly removed any remaining tear gas residue.
  • Unattended Death: Unattended death, or when people die and begin to decompose without being moved, can be a challenging cleanup, as it involves a thorough analysis of the area and making sure that any pathogens have been thoroughly removed.

Why Forensic Cleaning Companies Are Necessary 

National Trauma & Crime Scene Cleaning Why Forensic Cleaning Companies Are Necessary

You might still be tempted to call in a general cleaning crew to clean up a crime or trauma scene, but there are many ways in which forensic cleaning companies are much better equipped to deal with these cases.

1. Mentally Prepared

Forensic cleaners have the mental preparedness to tackle even the worst crime and trauma scenes. Whereas general cleaners might find it difficult or even traumatic to clean up certain scenes, forensic cleaners are mentally equipped to handle whatever kind of event might come their way.

This requires a wide range of soft skills as well, from compassion to integrity, as families will require the proper reassurance and support. A team of forensic cleaners will also undergo background checks and drug testing to ensure that they are people who can be trusted with secure areas in intense conditions. 

2. Trained And Experienced

The best forensic cleaning companies have teams who are properly trained and educated on the best practices. And experience during a traumatic situation is vital, as there will be much confusion and heavy emotions rolling throughout the scene.

This includes knowing how to use personal protective equipment (goggles, biohazard suits, double-layer gloves, shoe coverings, and respirators); how to properly establish control, buffer, and clean zones; and are vaccinated and ready to deal with any existing bloodborne pathogens. They will understand the steps that need to be taken and will be able to execute those steps with the utmost professionalism.

3. Meticulous And Detailed

Whereas general cleaners might clean until the place looks good and shiny, forensic cleaners are trained to understand all the risks involved in whatever situation they face. They have sets of protocols to follow to truly remove any remaining biohazardous material, and pay close attention to every corner and possibility.

There should be no trace of the event left in the scene of the trauma or crime, allowing people to return to normal as soon as possible.

National Trauma and Crime Scene Cleaning: The Australian Choice for Forensic Cleaning

National Trauma & Crime Scene Cleaning The Australian Choice For Forensic Cleaning

When a traumatic event has happened in your home or business, it can be difficult to move on and start normal life again. With National Trauma and Crime Scene Cleaning (NTCSC), we are here to help you take that first step.

For all your forensic cleaning needs, NTCSC will provide the professional team of forensic cleaners that will clean and sanitize your home or business, returning it to a place of everyday life. Book your forensic cleaning today.

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