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What Is A Trauma Cleaner And When Should You Call One?

The last thing you want to do after a traumatic accident is to be near the scene, much less clean it up. At NTCSC, we have the professional training to perform a trauma clean up after any kind of incident. Whether it’s crime scenes, homicides & suicides, large scale blood spills, or industrial accidents, we’re here to help you get back on track.

When Is Trauma Involved?  

NTCSC When Is Trauma Involved

Trauma cleaners are different from regular cleaning companies in that we provide cleaning for traumatic incidents. Events, incidents, or crimes that involve the following require specialised cleaning services:

Trauma Cleaner VS Regular Cleaner  

NTCSC Trauma Cleaner VS Regular Cleaner

Understanding the difference between a regular cleaner and a trauma cleaner is crucial. You can’t hire a regular cleaner to clean up after blood or biohazardous materials. The cleaning materials available in groceries aren’t strong enough to eliminate hazardous waste. What you need are strong chemicals that can eliminate all health risks through hospital-grade disinfection.

That’s where trauma cleaners come in. Instead of using shelf materials, our cleanup technicians use high-level chemicals and implement techniques to get rid of pathogens, chemical waste, and other hazardous materials that could affect the public’s health.

Trauma cleaners are specifically trained to eliminate health threats. We spend years honing our expertise so we can efficiently treat any site, and leave no bad chemical or organic traces behind. We also have access to waste facilities that will properly dispose of any hazardous material we collect from any job site.

Why Hire A Trauma Cleaner?  

NTCSC Why Hire A Trauma Cleaner

Cleaning up after a traumatic incident is not only stressful but also potentially dangerous. Trauma cleaners are physically and mentally equipped to deal with circumstances where their services are required.

When you hire a trauma cleaner, you’re not just paying for a guy to scrub a bloody floor. Trauma cleaning companies have rigorous vetting rounds that test an individual’s technical and social skills.

Here are the reasons why you should hire a trauma cleaner:

1. Attention To Detail 

Whereas general cleaners will not leave the place until every nook and cranny is spotless, trauma cleaners don’t leave the area until they’re sure the place is not only clean but safe. Trauma cleaners are trained to understand the risks of leaving a place exposed with biohazardous material; we won’t leave until we’re sure that every corner is safe and spotless.

Our goal is to leave the place clean enough for people to return to it without having to worry about their health or safety.


2. Specifically Trained

The best trauma cleaning companies have people who have dedicated training on trauma cleaning. It’s a specialised field that requires adequate training and specific knowledge. At NTCSC, we only hire the best of the best to work with us.

Trauma cleaners come in a job already equipped with high-grade protective equipment. From goggles, shoe coverings, multilayer gloves, biohazard suits, and respiration masks – trauma cleaners are fully equipped with the right protective materials to get the job done. These materials are disinfected after every job to prevent cross-contamination from one area to another.


3. Compassionate And Professional 

Working in a high-stress environment is part of the job. As such, trauma cleaners have the mental fortitude to deal with even the worst crime and trauma scenes. Whereas general cleaners might find it upsetting to work in certain areas, trauma cleaners are ready to take on whatever scenario given to them.

Other than mental strength, it’s important for trauma cleaners to be compassionate and understanding. Being a trauma cleaner means having the empathy and integrity to work with families, organisations, and bystanders who have just witnessed traumatic events.


National Trauma And Crime Scene Cleaning: The Australian Choice For Trauma Cleaning 

Moving on after a traumatic event can seem impossible. With National Trauma and Crime Scene Cleaning (NTCSC), we are here to help you take that first step.

For all your trauma cleaning needs, NTCSC will provide the professional team of trauma cleaners that will clean and sanitize your home or business, returning it to a place of everyday life. Book your trauma cleaning today.

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