NTCSC Hire A Forensic Cleaner After A Death

What Does A Crime Scene Cleaner Do?

You may have just experienced a violent crime or accident, and now you are left with the scene where the event occurred. Unfortunately, this means that it cannot be cleaned as it normally would, with a regular cleaning team or with your own two hands. There is a high risk of infection and hazard at any scene of a violent crime or accident, meaning it must be cleaned by a professional crime scene cleaner.

But what exactly does a crime scene cleaner do? Blood cleanups, biohazard removal, bodily fluids cleanup, death scene cleaning, meth lab cleanups, and needle and syringe removal are just a few of the services of these specialised and trained cleaners. We’ve prepared a list of crime scene cleaner services below:

Blood Cleanups

NTCSC Blood Cleanups

Blood might seem like an easy cleanup situation, but doing it yourself can be a potentially huge health hazard. Blood spills have the risk of bloodborne pathogens, and getting into contact with blood that isn’t yours is never a good idea.

Major diseases or infections you can get from simple blood contact include Hepatitis C – which causes a liver infection leading to inflammation and liver damage, and in some cases showing little to no symptoms until it is too late – and HIV – Human Immunodeficiency Virus which leads to AIDS.

Accidents or crime scenes that lead to significant blood spillage should never be cleaned by someone without the proper tools and expertise, as they will have difficulty making sure the area is completely sterile and they might accidentally come in direct contact with the blood.

Biohazard Removal

NTCSC Biohazard Removal

What are biohazards? These are potentially infectious organisms, which, when handled improperly, can be health hazards for anyone who comes in contact with them. While a regular cleaner or DIY might be able to clean an area at a superficial level, you can never be sure that a place has been properly sterilized and returned to a state of normal living.

Professional crime scene cleaner teams can also help with any possible need for transporting medical wastes to proper storage locations, or have partnerships with other teams that can transport and dispose of any biohazard medical waste that may be on the scene.

Bodily Fluids Cleanup

NTCSC Biohazard Bodily Fluids Cleanup

Aside from blood, other types of bodily fluids that can lead to potential exposure-caused infection include vomit, urine, and faeces. During events of death or tragic accidents, the body often releases its bodily fluids, leaving both significant and marginal traces of bodily fluids around the area.

Coming into direct contact with any present bodily liquid such as vomit, urine, and faeces can possibly lead to infection, keeping the area contaminated even if it is seemingly clean.

Without the proper medical-grade chemical cleaning equipment and niche knowledge of bodily fluid cleanups, there is a possibility that your affected area will remain contaminated long after the accident or crime occurred. It is important then to make sure to bring in the professionals to properly deodorize, sanitize, and decontaminate your area.

Death Scene Cleaning

NTCSC Death Scene Cleaning

Aside from the cleanup of the body, blood, and any other biohazard material, the psychological and mental toll of cleaning up a death scene can be a significant ordeal to anyone connected to the scene and the victim.

Only a professional crime scene cleaner team has the training, expertise, and personal experience to know how to deal with these situations in the best way possible, with the care and respect that it deserves.

We make sure that the owner of the affected area doesn’t have to think about anything after the event. We guarantee that the property is cleaned and returned to a state of normal everyday living, and if requested, we will prepare any affected items for auction, sale, or disposal.

Meth Lab Clean Up

NTCSC Meth Lab Cleanup

As unfortunately one of the top places for methamphetamine use and distribution in the world, Australia has an extremely unhealthy relationship with meth, opening another popular avenue for crime scene cleanup services.

When a meth lab is discovered, it is essential that it is properly cleaned and sanitized before the location can be used for anything else. The cooking process of meth creates toxic and explosive byproducts due to the dangerous chemicals involved. This waste seeps into every part of the property, including the wallpaper, carpeting, floor panels, clothes, and more.

It is a major health risk to move into an area that was once a meth lab without the involvement of a professional crime scene cleanup crew. Doing so can lead to side effects such as itchy skin, headaches, anxiety, breathing problems, and more.

Hypodermic Needles and Sharps Clean Up

NTCSC Sharps Clean

In relation to the meth problem in Australia, we also often deal with unsightly and dangerous hypodermic needles and sharps in public areas. When these are found, it is absolutely essential that they are not handled by inexperienced hands, as even just the slightest contact can potentially lead to an entire range of unwanted infections, including Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and HIV.

If you come across any needles, syringes, or other kinds of sharps in your workplace, waste bins, public toilets, rented areas, public areas, sidewalks, or any other place in your home or office, please contact a professional crime scene cleanup team immediately to dispose of it the right way.

 When To Call A Crime Scene Cleaner Or Just DIY

NTCSC When To Call A Crime Scene Cleaner

We understand that it is not always clear when you should call a crime scene cleaner to help you with a cleanup situation. Here are some questions you can ask yourself:

  • Is there any blood, bodily fluid, or other biohazardous material present on the scene?
  • Can I ensure that I can clean up and sterilize this area with my own equipment?
  • Do I know how to clean this scene properly without posing a risk to myself or my family?

If you have doubts, then it is probably best to call a crime scene cleaner and bring them onto the scene immediately.

NTCSC: Australia’s Choice for Crime Scene Cleanup

At National Trauma & Crime Scene Cleaning, or NTCSC, we have assisted countless homeowners and property owners with scenes of violent crimes and accidents. We ensure that a contaminated and affected area returns to a completely sterilized and normal state ready for day-to-day activity.

Our crime scene cleaners are biohazard remediation specialists, meaning we have the skills and training required to professionally clean and decontaminate hazardous and infectious areas. Don’t put you, your family, and those around you at risk, and don’t underestimate the danger posed by a single missed drop of blood.

If you are looking for a compassionate and discreet professional crime scene cleaning company in Australia, call NTCSC on 0488 077 675, where our lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Or email us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.