NTCSC What Do Biohazard Cleaners Clean

What Do Biohazard Cleaners Clean?

Most of us are familiar with ordinary cleaners who regularly clean homes and offices. This type of work is very different to the specialist work done by biohazard cleaners. Biohazard cleaners tend to work under dangerous conditions and are often in close contact with harmful biohazards such as blood, bodily fluids, faeces, needle sharps and more.

If you’ve ever been curious about the types of things that biohazard cleaners clean and what situations they are faced with in their day to day role read on below.


Why Hire A Specialist Biohazard Cleaner?

Unlike ordinary cleaners, biohazard cleaners have undergone specialist training, certification and experience in how to safely handle and remediate dangerous biohazards. They also use specialist cleaning equipment and cleaning chemicals to safely and effectively remove biohazards from the site while sanitising and disinfecting affected areas.

Once a biohazard cleaner has finished cleaning up a biohazardous site, the area becomes safe for use and habitable once again and should no longer pose a threat to the general health and safety of people in and around the space.

Examples of things biohazard cleaners clean as well as the types of environments they work in include:



Blood Spill Clean Up 

NTCSC Blood Spill

Situations such as accidents or traumatic events involving blood spills can pose major safety risks due to the potential exposure to bloodborne pathogens and the potential for disease transmission. Exposure to harmful bloodborne pathogens can spread diseases such as Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) which is why this sort of work should be undertaken by trained cleaning professionals.



Faeces & Bodily Fluid Clean Up

Human faeces and bodily fluids including urine not only have a foul odour but may also contain bacteria that harbour infectious diseases. In a cleanup situation involving faeces & bodily fluid clean up, biohazard cleaners need to decontaminate the site by ensuring the safe removal and disposal of biohazards present followed by thoroughly sanitising and decontaminating these affected locations.



Odour Elimination & Removal 

NTCSC Odour Elimination And Removal

Foul odours can come from a wide range of sources including rotting food, human waste, bodily fluids, raw sewage, rotting garbage, pest infestations etc.

Foul odours consist of a mixture of chemicals released from proteins, bacteria and organic matters which left untreated can multiply and spread rapidly – leading to the odour intensifying. Specialist biohazard cleaners have the necessary chemicals and cleaning methods to help eliminate foul odours for good.



Sewage Cleanup

Sewage spills and overflow are generally caused by situations like broken pipes, accidental damage, plumbing blockages or floods and storms. Sewage spills can then result in the release of unpleasant odours and cause significant health risks while causing significant disruption to your home or business.



Animal Waste Removal 

NTCSC Animal Waste Removal

Animal waste removal and clean up is something that shouldn’t be attempted on your own. When it comes to removing animal faecal matter, urine, infestations or decomposing animal bodies, a professional biohazard cleaner should be tasked with the job.



Crime Scene Clean Up

Once criminal investigations have taken place, biohazard cleaners may be needed to clean up the crime scene to ensure the health and safety of people who come into contact with the scene. Cleaning up a crime scene can often involve blood clean up, biohazard removal, unattended death clean up, meth lab remediation and sharps removal.

Due to the potential dangers of exposure to the above contaminants and situations, crime scene cleaning should only be carried out by qualified cleaning professionals with the correct personal protective gear.



Deceased Estate Clean Up

Cleaning up the property of a loved one who has passed away can be a rather traumatic and difficult task for family members and people close to the person who has passed. In situations when biohazards are present, specialist cleaners can clean, sanitise and disinfect any affected areas and restore these places to a liveable state.



Needle & Sharps Clean Up 

NTCSC Needle Sharps Clean Up

Used needles, syringes and other drug paraphernalia may carry harmful diseases and must be safely removed and carefully disposed of by specialist biohazard cleaners to prevent the spread of harmful diseases.



Trauma Cleaning

Places where traumatic events or accidents have taken place may require professional biohazard cleaning. Specific situations where trauma cleaning may be required include workplace accidents, car accidents and places where traumatic events (involving large blood spills) have occurred.



Hoarding Clean Up 


When a property that’s been abandoned or has been occupied by hoarders has been littered with large amounts of biohazards including gross filth, human or animal bodily waste, infestations, needle sharps and rotting food, a specialist biohazard cleaner should be called in to help clean, sanitise and disinfect the property to bring it back to a safe and liveable state.



Need A Reliable Biohazard Cleaner?

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