NTCSC The Benefits Of Hiring A Crime Scene Cleaner

The Benefits Of Hiring A Crime Scene Cleaner

When faced with the prospect of cleaning up a crime scene on your property, it may be tempting to attempt the clean up process yourself. However, this may not be the most ideal option. We’ll explore the importance of hiring a crime scene cleaner for these sorts of cleaning jobs and why a DIY crime scene clean up should really be best left to the professionals.


When To Call A Crime Scene Cleaner

NTCSC When To Call A Crime Scene Cleaner

While most of us understand the need to get in touch with a professional crime scene cleaner, do we truly understand what specific situations call for this sort of specialist cleaning service?

Below are some areas where crime scene cleaners can help:

Blood spills
Unattended death and after death clean up
Suicide clean up
Murder clean up
Trauma clean up
Biohazard clean up
Needles & sharps clean up
Meth lab decontamination
Hoarding clean up
Faeces, urine & vomit clean up
Odour elimination


Why Hire A Crime Scene Cleaner?

NTCSC Why Hire A Crime Scene Cleaner

There are several reasons why hiring a crime scene cleaner is the best option when it comes to cleaning up a crime scene.


Emotional Trauma

Being exposed to a crime scene can often be a traumatic experience, in particular for the victims themselves or their loved ones. Hiring a professional crime scene cleaner to take on the burden of cleaning up a crime scene can eliminate the need for those directly affected by the crime to relive the crime once again and be further exposed to more emotional trauma.

Crime scene cleaners are trained and experienced to be able to effectively deal with these sorts of traumatic cleaning environments, which is why crime scene cleaning jobs shouldn’t be attempted by an inexperienced person but be left in the capable hands of a professional.


Protection From Biohazards

Blood spills and other bodily fluids and biohazards are often present at crime scenes. Because these biohazards can sometimes be life-threatening and have the potential to transmit illness and disease, they should be handled with care, carefully cleaned up and disposed of in the correct way to prevent further contamination.

It’s worth noting too that ordinary commercial cleaners simply don’t have the expertise or correct equipment to tackle a crime scene cleaning task. Be sure to engage a specialist crime scene cleaning professional who has the necessary tools, protective equipment and experience and training in how to safely and effectively remediate a property by removing dangerous biohazards and disposing of them in a safe manner.


Save Time & Money

Attempting a DIY clean-up of a crime scene can be problematic for an inexperienced person who is considering tackling this task on their own. While many might assume the cost of hiring a crime scene cleaner to be somewhat costly, hiring a professional to undertake this task can potentially save you time and money.

Crime scene cleaners know how to quickly and effectively remediate a crime scene. Therefore, hiring a professional crime scene cleaner means you won’t have to lift a finger or have to purchase pricey specialised cleaning equipment such as foggers, fluorescence testing units, personal protective equipment (PPE) and specialised cleaning, sanitising and deodorising cleaning agents and solvents in order to undertake this task.


Retain Property Value

Property damage resulting from a crime that was committed on your property can devalue your property if not dealt with promptly or effectively. Hiring a professional crime scene cleaner is the most thorough way to ensure that property damage is kept to a minimum and that any repair work will adequately restore a property back to a safe and habitable state.


Safe Disposal Of Biohazards

Unlike ordinary rubbish that gets thrown in the trash, biohazards need to be safely disposed of to minimise the risk of people coming into contact with them. Crime scene biohazards that require proper disposal include blood, bodily fluids, human tissue and other biohazards.

Professional crime scene cleaners are trained in how to handle dangerous biohazards to minimise cross-contamination at the crime scene as well as how to safely dispose of these biohazards into designated containers for disposal at regulated waste disposal centres.


Hire The Right Crime Scene Cleaner For The Job

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