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Australian Home Owner’s Guide To Crime Scene Cleaning

Tragedies can occur at any moment, and families and businesses have to deal with the aftermath, no matter how terrible the situation may be. When a crime or traumatic event occurs in an area, oftentimes there is biohazardous material that needs to be dealt with by the home or property owners. In cases such as these, police may suggest that you hire forensic cleaners to help return your property to a livable state.

What Is Forensic Cleaning? 

National Trauma And Crime Scene Cleaning What Is Forensic Cleaning

Forensic cleaning involves the expertise, knowledge, and equipment to handle biohazardous messes left behind after trauma or crime scenes. These cleaners are known as forensic cleaners or crime scene cleaners, and they handle the clean-up for a number of situations, such as suicides, homicides, unattended deaths, disease contamination, and other types of trauma.

When And How Do I Call Crime Scene Cleaners? 

National Trauma And Crime Scene Cleaners When And How Do I Call

Many people believe that the police or emergency services automatically call in forensic cleaners after a crime or tragedy has occurred, but this isn’t the case. Home or property owners have to call for forensic cleaning services on their own, although this is usually suggested by the police after an investigation.

While some people might be put off by the idea of calling in a specialised team of forensic cleaners, there are many factors which justify their extra cost over regular domestic cleaners. Here are some of the questions you need to ask yourself:

Is there blood or any other bodily fluid on the property?

If any kind of bodily fluids such as blood is involved in the crime or trauma scene, then it is highly recommended that you opt for forensic cleaners rather than domestic cleaners. This is because there is always the risk of potential infectious materials (PIMs) leading to serious disease if the fluids contain bloodborne pathogens.

These pathogens could include hepatitis B and C, HIV, MSRA, C. diff, and more. Only forensic cleaners can guarantee to sterilise an infected scene, whereas a domestic cleaner might not be as thorough.

Do I need a professional opinion regarding the extent of the damage?

In some cases, it’s better to replace and destroy items instead of cleaning them. This is because the item has been too severely damaged or affected by the scene to still be safe to those who have to live or work in that property. For example, there are instances where experts recommend to replace furniture and walls or destroy smaller items like souvenirs and frames instead of cleaning them due to the potential risk.

If you are unsure about whether to replace/destroy something or clean it, a forensic cleaner can provide you with the list of contaminated items that need to be replaced or destroyed.

Are my regular domestic cleaners trained to handle this kind of situation?

Crime scene cleaners are mentally and technically trained to provide the best secondary support in a crime or trauma scene. They are prepared to encounter any kind of situation, as well as offer support to the family or people in the area. Make sure that the cleaners you hire are experienced and trained in forensic cleaning, ensuring that they won’t be taking on something that is too difficult to handle.

Are there any forensic cleaners in my area?

As forensic cleaning is a specialised cleaning service, there are fewer forensic cleaning agencies than there are domestic cleaning agencies. Look around and make sure to find a forensic cleaners team that is nearby and ready to respond immediately.

For Crime Scenes: Make Sure To Clear Up Access 

National Trauma And Crime Scene Cleaning Clear Up Access

Finally, it’s important to remember that sometimes police may declare a property a crime scene, taking away access from everyone, even the homeowner. Make sure that you completely understand the situation before calling in forensic cleaners, or else you might end up with a team of cleaners that can’t access the crime scene.

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