NTCSC Animal Waste Clean Up Guide

Animal Waste Clean Up

Animal waste clean up is often no simple matter. Unknown to some, effectively sanitising and decontaminating affected areas on your property will likely take more than just a bucket of warm soapy water and a DIY scrub.

If you happen to find yourself in a position of having to clean up large amounts of animal urine or faeces from your property, it may be a good idea to consider hiring a professional biohazard cleaner to remove the animal waste from the premises on your behalf.


Why The Need For A Professional?

Unknown to some, animal waste is considered a potentially harmful biohazard and will need to be dealt with in a very specific manner. Cleaning up animal waste requires specialist tools, cleaning chemicals and a safe method to collect and dispose of biohazards, which is where professional biohazard cleaners come in!

Often unseen with the naked eye, animal waste can carry dangerous and potentially life-threatening diseases therefore, cleaning animal waste with soap and water alone won’t be enough to properly disinfect and remediate contaminated spaces.


The Risks Of Dealing With Animal Waste Biohazards


Unlike carrying out a normal cleaning task which is often harmless, cleaning up animal waste on your own without the proper equipment and know-how is not without risks.

Unseen by the naked eye, airborne and pathogenic infectious diseases can live in animal urine and faeces and exposure to these dangerous biohazards can have a negative effect on human health. Exposure to animal waste can cause a variety of infectious diseases including: Salmonella, Histoplasmosis, Hantavirus and Hemorrhagic Fever.


The Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Biohazard Cleaner

Hiring a professional biohazard cleaner to handle animal waste clean up is the best option when it comes to getting the job done safely and effectively. Here are some good reasons why it’s best to leave animal waste clean up to the professionals:

  • Safety – professional biohazard cleaners have had specialised training, experience and know-how to safely clean up and work around animal waste. They also have access to the necessary tools, cleaning chemicals and protective equipment needed to effectively remediate a property and return it to a habitable state.


  • Save time and money – it may not seem apparent at first but hiring a professional biohazard cleaner to clean up animal waste can potentially save you time and money. Professional biohazard cleaners have the expert training and skills needed to get the job done quickly, whereas a person attempting a DIY clean up would probably take substantially longer to get the job done than a professional would. Furthermore, leaving animal waste clean up to the professionals means not having to spend large amounts of money on expensive cleaning tools like foggers, fluorescence testers, as well as cleaning and sanitising chemicals.


  • Preserve the value of your property – promptly calling in a professional biohazard cleaner to help remediate your property as soon as possible offers the best chance of recovering property damage from animal waste contamination and keeping it to a minimum.


  • Odour elimination – along with decontaminating and sanitising areas affected by animal waste, professional biohazard cleaners can effectively eliminate foul odours and smells with their specialised equipment.


What Kinds Of Biohazards Do Professionals Clean Up?

NTCSC Kinds Of Biohards

Animal waste can come in different forms. If you are unsure if a particular situation requires cleaning by a professional, feel free to reach out to your local biohazard cleaner and enquire (particularly in the event there is a significant amount of animal waste present).

Examples of animal waste handled by professional biohazard cleaners include:

  • Cat or dog urine or faecal matter
  • Bat or possum waste
  • Rat or mice faecal matter
  • Pigeon and other bird droppings
  • Decomposing animals
  • Hoarded and abandoned properties that are overrun with domestic animals or infested with rodents and pests



Looking For A Reliable Biohazard Cleaning Specialist?

When it comes to promptly and effectively cleaning up dangerous animal waste and contaminants, National Trauma (NTCSC) are here to help. Our highly experienced team can safely sanitise, decontaminate and dispose of biohazardous animal waste – leaving your property safe, deodorised and habitable once again.

Discover why National Trauma have been Australia’s trusted biohazard cleaning specialists for over 30 years. Call National Trauma anytime 24/7 – we’re always ready to assist with your animal waste clean up and remediation needs.