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10 Good Reasons To Leave Blood Spill Clean Up To The Pros

When it comes to a blood spill clean up, it’s no simple matter. While some people might think the right solution is to simply take an ordinary mop, bucket and cleaning detergent to a large blood spill, there really is a lot more involved in this sort of clean up task than meets the eye.

Below are 10 good reasons why it’s best to pick up the phone and call a professional cleaner instead of attempting a DIY blood spill clean up on your own.


1. Biohazard

First thing’s first, blood is a potentially dangerous biohazard. Unbeknown to some, blood may contain dangerous pathogens that are capable of transmitting blood-borne diseases such as HIV and Hepatitis. Which is why blood spills should be handled with caution and by people who have the right training and experience.


2. Avoid Reliving The Trauma

NTCSC Reliving The Trauma

Cleaning up a blood spill can be pretty traumatic and emotional, especially when the blood spill has resulted from a violent crime, accident or suicide. While the responsibility of cleaning up a blood spill can often fall to the tenant, the victim themselves or their families, it’s probably best for those directly involved to avoid having to relive the trauma with a DIY clean up, and instead call the professionals to take on the emotional burden of this sort of cleaning task.


3. Proper Sanitation & Decontamination

Professional biohazard cleaners have undergone specialised training and received on the job experience in using the correct techniques, tools and cleaning chemicals for a blood spill clean up. By following the correct protocols, professional biohazard cleaners can ensure a blood spill is effectively sanitised, deodorised and decontaminated – or in other words, no longer posing an immediate danger to people’s health and wellbeing.


4. Proper Cleaning Equipment

NTCSC Proper Cleaning Equipment

When it comes to cleaning up biohazards such as a blood spill, you’ll need more than just an ordinary bucket and mop in order to do it effectively.

While professional biohazard cleaners use ordinary single-use cleaning equipment for blood spill clean ups, they also utilise specialised equipment like foggers, biohazard disposal containers and bags, industrial-strength deodorisers and tools for safely removing and disposing of flooring and other items that aren’t possible to decontaminate.


5. Protective Gear

Another must-have when cleaning up blood spills is PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). Because most households and ordinary cleaners don’t typically have the necessary PPE equipment (such as hazmat suits, masks and eye protection) at their disposal, these people can’t adequately protect themselves from the risk of exposure to bloodborne pathogens.

Professional biohazard cleaners on the other hand, have access to and know how to use PPE correctly, allowing them to safely work in contaminated areas during a blood spill clean up.


6. Blood Spill Clean Up Disposal

NTCSC Correct Disposal

Waste and other items around the premises that have been contaminated by a blood spill and can’t be cleaned will need to be carefully removed from the property. Single-use cleaning materials will also need disposal – however, these items can’t just be tossed into the trash. Biohazardous waste will need to be disposed of correctly in special biohazard containers by experienced cleaners.


7. Minimise Damage

Blood spills can cause quite a bit of damage to properties. Blood can get into nooks and crannies on wooden flooring, or other areas that need thorough cleaning. Therefore in order to minimise further damage to your belongings and property, it’s best to get the professionals in to kickstart the clean up process and restore your property ASAP.


8. Save Time

NTCSC Save Time

Hiring a professional cleaner to clean up a blood spill is not only the safest option, but will also save you time and effort so you can focus on other important things that need your attention during this time.


9. Blood Spill Cleaning Safety

Keeping people safe from blood-borne pathogens that may be present following a blood spill should be at the top of everyone’s priority. Hiring a professional biohazard cleaner with the right experience and certifications will ensure everyone on the premises is kept safe both during and after the clean up process.


10. 24/7 Availability

NTCSC Availability

Accidents can happen at any time. Which is why professional biohazard cleaners offer convenient 24/7 around the clock service for anyone who needs urgent assistance – anytime day or night.


Looking For A Blood Spill Clean Up Specialist?

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