Unattended deaths, suicide and trauma clean

No job is too big or too small for our forensic cleaning teams

When a terrible death occurs and you lose someone close to you, the last thing you need is to clean the room or property where the trauma occurred. No-one should be faced with such a horrific and shocking situation, least of all the loved ones and family of the deceased.

That is why National Trauma and Crime Scene Cleaning are dedicated to the safe and empathetic forensic cleaning of all crime scenes, suicide sites and any other property where a heinous crime or unattended death has taken place.

Some of the forensic cleaning situations where our expertise is required include:
•    Break and enter clean ups
•    Dead body clean ups
•    Unattended death clean ups
•    Hoarding clean ups
•    Gross filth, rotting food, faeces and urine
•    Blood clean ups
•    Biohazard clean ups
•    Homicide clean ups
•    Accidental death clean ups

As professional forensic cleaners we have the experience and the technical know-how to safely clean, remove and transport all bio hazardous materials from the immediate environment. This is something that a family should not have to perform, simply because it is too painful for you and also because it is a hazardous operation.

Forensic cleaning is a specialised process that should not be attempted by untrained personnel. Where bodily fluids and other hazardous clean ups are concerned, there are specific standards that must be adhered to for the safe removal, transport and elimination of such contamination.

Our safety procedures are without a doubt exemplary and highly professional. We ensure that our infection control processes are of the highest order, that there is no danger from HIV, hepatitis or other infectious diseases, that toxic chemicals are safely removed, foul odours eliminated and any hypodermic needles collected and removed safely.

With our top of the line equipment, our highly skilled and professional technicians will effectively treat any contaminated property, ensuring it is fully decontaminated, all residual odours have been removed and it is safe for habitation once again.

We understand your need for privacy and discretion in these matters and do our utmost to ensure that the hazardous cleanup process takes place as quickly as possible, so at least some order can be returned to your family in this time of emotional turmoil and sadness.

We have built our reputation on being honest, steadfast and diligent and the trained technicians at National Trauma and Crime Scene Cleaning are ready 24/7 to help reduce your family’s distress and trauma - as soon as you call us we will be on our way.

We have no fixed costs, as each situation is completely different. Please feel free to call us, explain your situation and we will provide you with a quote for our forensic cleaning services. All of our rates are highly competitive and are very reasonable.

For more information on unattended death clean ups, trauma scene clean ups or suicide clean up services, call National Trauma and Crime Scene Cleaning on 0488 007 6750488 007 675, email us at info@ntcsc.com.au or complete our online enquiry form.