Sewage Remediation

Sewage clean up requires professional forensic cleaning services

When a sewage spill or overflow occurs in your home or your place of business, you need a professional forensic cleaning service that is experienced in sewage clean ups.

At National Trauma and Crime Scene Cleaning our technicians are highly qualified and experienced in all forms of bio cleaning and sewage clean ups and we have the latest high tech equipment to do the job.

Common causes of sewage spills and overflows

•    Floods and storm damage
•    Faulty equipment
•    Old or broken pipes
•    Accidental damage during construction, building and digging
•    Blockages with debris or waste components

Sewage spills and overflows can devastate a family or business and the accompanying contamination and offensive odours can be a serious health hazard.

If you have a sewage overflow, then it is important that you engage a professional forensic cleaning company that can deal with the removal of contaminated materials and the hazardous cleanup of raw sewage.

Results of sewage overflows and spills

Both the internal and external areas of a property can be heavily contaminated with raw sewage. Inside, the contaminated waste can seep its way into walls, floors, furniture, soft furnishings, cupboards and ceilings making a property completely uninhabitable.

Outside, the raw sewage can spread a long distance from the original break or overflow and can contaminate soil, outdoor furniture, vegetable gardens, swimming pools, patios and other outside structures and plantings.

Raw sewage is a health hazard and can contain disease causing organisms which can lead to numerous infections caused by E.coli, Giardia and Cryptosprium for example.

Bio cleaning of raw sewage overflows and spills

At call National Trauma and Crime Scene Cleaning our highly specialised and very experienced technicians are on emergency standby 24/7 and will attend your sewage spills as soon as possible. It is imperative that you remove everyone from the immediate vicinity so that you protect your family and employees from dangerous bacteria, viruses and any parasites that may be contained within the sewage.

This situation requires professional forensic cleaning with the expertise to perform biohazard cleaning both inside and outside your property, as required. Timing is vital, so it is important that you contact us as soon as possible once a sewage spill has occurred. This reduces the risk of contamination and illnesses related to contact with hazardous contaminated material.

Once on the scene, our technicians will perform the following procedures:
•    Identify the source of the raw sewage contamination
•    Remove the potentially harmful sewage
•    Sort through any damaged furnishings and furniture, cupboards etc.
•    Remove any hard surfaces that are unable to be decontaminated (this quite often includes plasterboard walls)
•    Clean and completely disinfect and decontaminate any affected areas or materials

Sewage spills and overflows spread very quickly and can easily lead to contamination of all surfaces or materials that it comes into contact with – early biohazard cleaning and containment is vital to the health and safety of everyone involved.

National Trauma and Crime Scene Cleaning is dedicated to the efficient and complete forensic cleaning of all biohazards that threaten your loved ones, family, employees, as well as our environment.

For more information on  our forensic cleaning services or for sewage clean up in Brisbane or anywhere across Australia, call National Trauma and Crime Scene Cleaning on 0488 007 6750488 007 675, email us at or complete our online enquiry form.