Odour Elimination

The elimination of offensive odours requires professional forensic cleaning procedures

The elimination of offensive odours is vital to the comfort, health and safety of your family, friends and employees. Unpleasant odours can have many causes and all require professional forensic cleaning procedures to ensure their complete removal from the area.

Causes of offensive odours can include:
•    Human and animal urine and faeces
•    Blood and other bodily fluids
•    Pest infestations
•    Rotting food
•    Decomposition
•    Raw sewage
•    Smoke and fires
•    Manufacturing processes
•    Rotten garbage

The problem with foul odours is that finding the source can be time consuming and difficult and even when the cause has been identified and removed, the unpleasant odours can remain for a very long time. Odours tend to seep into timbers, flooring, walls, furniture and soft furnishings and they can be very difficult to remove.

The causes of these foul odours require specialised bio cleaning, as they present a clear health hazard to humans. The root cause of such odours need to be treated with caution, identified, contained and removed in the safest way possible.

Forensic cleaning and biohazard clean up of foul odours

Our National Trauma and Crime Scene Cleaning technicians are highly experienced and fully trained to perform the identification, containment and removal of all bioharzardous materials. Once the offending material has been removed, the odour will still remain, so a thorough forensic cleaning is then required.

It is important that you do not attempt the removal of any contaminants yourself as biohazard removal is a specialised task, requiring protective gear and modern, high tech equipment.

We have all of the latest equipment to ensure that the elimination of offensive odours proceeds quickly and is extremely effective. We do not simply cover up the odours, we actually remove the molecules that are causing the odour using the latest ozone technology.

In this way, the odours cannot return in a few days, weeks or months because the molecules that cause the unpleasant odours have been removed. The offensive odours will be completely removed from your property.

We can just about guarantee that our high tech methods will remove any offensive odours from all non-porous materials. Porous materials however, are a different story and it can be very difficult to remove odours completely from these materials.

In quite a number of cases, porous materials need to be removed from the scene and disposed of elsewhere, to effectively eliminate unpleasant odours from your property. Alternately, some porous materials, such as soft furnishings, drapery, lounge suites etc., can be cleaned sufficiently so that offensive odours are eliminated.

In the end, it depends on the cause of the odours and the type of material that is affected by the contamination.

National Trauma and Crime Scene Cleaning is dedicated to the safe removal of all contaminants that pose a health risk to you, your family and your employees. Following removal of contaminants, we ensure that the elimination of odours is our top priority and our technicians move into a full forensic cleaning mode. You are left with a property that is safe and free from offensive odours for your loved ones and employees.

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