Faeces and Urine Contamination

Animal waste requires specialised biohazard cleaning procedures

Sometimes your property becomes infested with pests or your rental property has been abused by squatters or tenants and contains a prodigious amount of human and animal waste.

This is not something that you should attempt to clean yourself, as this sort of bio cleaning needs to be performed by specialised technicians who are trained to deal with bio hazardous contamination.
Examples of animal waste that require specialist biohazard cleaning include:

•    Bat and possum waste
•    Rats and mice faecal matter
•    Bird waste and pigeon faecal matter
•    Cat or dog faecal matter and urine
•    Human faeces and urine

Biohazard cleaning of animal waste

This type of contamination requires highly experienced forensic cleaning and is not something that owners should be tackling themselves. This is bio hazardous material which can carry bacteria and viruses and can seriously affect the health of yourself, your family and your tenants.

A thorough cleaning and decontamination must be initiated at once and the offensive odours must be eliminated. Offensive odours caused by faeces and urine, can seep into the carpets, window coverings, soft furnishings and even the wallpaper and timber floors.

The smell of human and animal waste is pervasive and more often than it not takes expert knowledge for these foul odours to be eliminated completely from a property. Cat urine, as you know is extremely persistent and can take specialised forensic cleaning procedures to finally remove and eliminate the awful smell from your property.

At National Trauma and Crime Scene Cleaning we understand your embarrassment and your distress that the situation has reached the point where expert help is required. That is why we offer a discreet service, one which is highly professional and competitively priced.

You are not alone, because many people have been in your position as well. Some of the problems we have encountered include:

•    Animal infestations in properties
•    Animal hoarding in homes
•    Abandoned properties that are infested with rodents and other wild animals
•    Decomposing animals in buildings
•    Human and animal faeces and urine in tenanted properties or squats
•    Elderly people whose homes are overrun with domestic animals

The results of faeces and urine contamination from humans and animals can range from E.coli, salmonella and haemolytic uraemic syndrome to whip worm, hookworm and tapeworm infestations to name just a few of the health risks that come via contact with human and animal waste.

At National Trauma and Crime Scene Cleaning, we have top of the line decontamination equipment and all of our technicians are highly trained and experienced in forensic cleaning and biohazard removal. We will quickly return your property to a safe and healthy state, ready for occupancy once again.

We are available 24/7 and our emergency response, forensic cleaning teams are on standby waiting for your call. We know that this is a tumultuous and overwhelming situation for you and your family and we will do our best to ensure that your property is returned to you as quickly as possible.

If you want more information on our bio cleaning services in Australia for the removal of human and animal waste or infestations, call National Trauma and Crime Scene Cleaning on 0488 007 6750488 007 675, email us at info@ntcsc.com.au or complete our online enquiry form.