Crime Scenes

Leave the crime scene trauma clean up to the professionals

If you or your family have suffered a recent traumatic criminal event, injury or death, someone needs to clean the area. So at some point over the following days or weeks your thoughts will have turned to the problem of cleaning the room or property. This is something that simply has to be done, as the property must be cleaned for the health and safety of everyone involved – but you don’t have to do this yourself.

No-one should expect that of you, to have to return to a scene of such a traumatic event and have to clean the area of any contamination, dross or filth that still remains.

National Trauma and Crime Scene Cleaning are highly professional forensic cleaners who will come in and take this onerous duty off your shoulders.

We are the leading crime scene cleaning specialists in Australia and have many years of experience dealing with crime scene and trauma clean ups in just about every part of the country. Whatever crime that has been committed, from a break and enter or an assault to grievous injury or even homicide, our teams of highly trained technicians have the skills and the knowledge to return your property to a clean and habitable environment.
Crime scene bio cleaning

Crime scene cleaning is a specialised service that should be performed by highly seasoned technicians who have the skills and the knowledge to contain, sanitize, clean and dispose of biohazards from the scene of criminal acts and traumatic events.

Depending on the circumstances, we will come in and remove all bio hazardous materials, cleaning and sanitizing the area. Our forensic cleaning includes:

•    Blood clean ups
•    Biohazard removal
•    Clean up bodily fluids
•    Death scene cleaning
•    Meth lab clean up
•    Hypodermic needles and sharps clean up

Whatever bio hazards, damage or filth that has been left behind following a traumatic criminal act, we will come in and de-sanitize the contaminated areas, clean and remove all bio-hazards, ensuring that no further trauma occurs from this tragic event.

We don’t want you or your family to have to relive these tragic events by feeling compelled to return to the scene of the crime and being forced to clean up the leftovers from such a tragic occurrence. Memories such as these, can haunt you for the rest of your life.

So leave the crime scene trauma clean up to a professional forensic cleaning company who have specialist teams of technicians and who can come in and decontaminate the area for you. We will clean up any contaminants remaining from the crime and remove any bio hazardous materials from the property.

Blood and bodily fluids, hypodermic needles and sharps, all will be removed from the property and the area will be left clean, safe and habitable once again.

At National Trauma and Crime Scene Cleaning our business is to make your life a little easier in times of undue stress and turmoil. So let us do our job and help you through this difficult time.

If you want more information on our crime scene cleaning services, call National Trauma and Crime Scene Cleaning on 0488 007 6750488 007 675, email us at or complete our online enquiry form.