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National Trauma and Crime Scene Cleaning have been in the forensic cleaning business for many years and we specialise in biohazard removal, crime clean ups, death clean ups and meth lab clean ups.

In fact we are expert forensic cleaners and provide clean up, removal and remediation services for any situation that contains bio hazardous materials, anywhere across Australia, PNG and TSI.

What we do – Forensic cleaning services

When tragedy strikes and everyone has left the scene, your family are left to deal with the terrible aftermath of the scene. Cleaning up after a heinous crime has been committed or a life has been lost - whether from natural causes or otherwise – is an overwhelming job that no family should have to face alone.

That’s where we come in and take over the cleaning job for you and your family. We help you to avoid any further distress by performing this painful work, so you don’t have to do it yourself.

For example we perform the following forensic cleaning services:

    ·         Clean up bodily fluids and faeces
    ·         Suicide clean ups
    ·         Hoarder cleaning
    ·         Clean up storm and flood damage
    ·         Deceased estate clean up
    ·         Death scene cleaning
    ·         Meth lab clean ups
    ·         Sewage clean ups
    ·         Sharps clean up
    ·         Unattended death scene clan ups
    ·         Trauma scene cleaning
    ·         Odour removal
    ·         Industrial  accident remediation
    ·         Blood clean up

Many of our clients have suffered traumatic experiences themselves and the last thing they need is to have to go back into a traumatic environment and clean up the evidence. Other clients are landlords, who are left with rotten food, faeces, urine, needles and other unimaginable gross filth in their properties from squatters or runaway tenants.

No-one should have to deal with this sort of situation, which is why National Trauma and Crime Scene Cleaning offer you our expertise, skills and our knowledge, so that you won’t have to suffer any more trauma and distress.

Emergency response forensic cleaning teams

We know that traumatic situations and criminal acts don’t just take place during office hours. This is why we offer our clients 24/7 emergency response forensic cleaning teams so we can be there for you when you need us most.

Dealing with contaminated material, such as body fluids can be very dangerous to your health. They can contain harmful pathogens which can be still active, even though the person may be deceased and removed from the property.

Gross filth from squatters or prior tenants can be just as traumatic for landlords and the body fluids no less dangerous. These are hazardous environments and the safest way to clean up this contaminated material is with the proper equipment and the correct training.

National Trauma and Crime Scene Cleaning specialise in forensic cleaning and we have many years of experience in these situations. You and your family should not be subjected to anymore trauma, let us spare you more grief and heartache by dealing with this grisly job for you.

For more information on bio cleaning, blood clean up, crime cleaning or our death scene cleanup services,  call National Trauma and Crime Scene Cleaning on 0488 007 6750488 007 675, email us at or complete our online enquiry form.